Warrion Heroes 1

Inilah yang kalian tunggu-tunggu dari Ariel System…

Warrion Heroes 1

Nah, di game ini akan diceritakan Sekuel pertama dari Warrion Heroes itu sendiri….

See the Screen shot gameplay thou…


16-12-15 – Fixing Warrion Base Glitch + Adding New Item in Clan Shop and Rozenville Area Item Shop.

15-12-15 – Fixed in Forest area at Bass Events after War Declarated and other Minor Bugs.

4-3-16 – Adding Some Information from Library + Fixed the minor bugs

10-3-16 – Replacing some BGM’s for latest version (Specially for Last battle)

2-5-16 – Secret Crystal moved into another place in Powerplant area 1. (Feel hard to find it if you want a good ending… :p)

2-5-16 – New Area was added.

2-5-16 – TuTORIEL Character added (Mia Lunderblast). (Oops, pun Intensivities)

14-7-16 – Backstory teller characters and Backstory books Added (Sans Aeniv Lunderblast, Warrion Base Library).

– Gabriel Can use Arika’s Weaponry now…
– Bass just only used a Bow.
– Some Junk Items to selling added to make earn Honey’s Easier.
– Fixed the minor bugs.
– Replacing some BGM’s for latest version.
28-7-16 New Area and new event was added.
9-1-17 – Replacing some BGM’s for latest version.
– New area and new event was added.
– Secret story and their item was added.

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